Fossil Free Fuel Creates Biofuel from Used Restaurant Oil, Reducing Carbon Emissions 85%

Fossil Free Fuel Fueling Station. Photo credit: Fossil Free Fuels

Located in the former steel town of Braddock, PA, Fossil Free Fuel provides fuel made from pure plant oil that’s an economical and sustainable alternative to petroleum-based diesel fuel.  Fossil Free Fuel collects used vegetable oil from Pittsburgh-area restaurants, then removes particulates and water.

Unlike traditional biodiesel blends, which require 20 percent methanol (a petroleum product) during the chemical conversion process, Fossil Free Fuel’s product requires a minimal amount of electricity to produce, and its pure plant oil fuel reduces carbon emissions 85 percent  when compared to petroleum-based diesel fuels.

Designed for use in diesel engine vehicles and machinery, Fossil Free Fuel’s plant-based oils can be used in any diesel vehicle manufactured before 2007 with a special vehicle conversion. Because using straight vegetable oil requires the installation of a separate heated fuel system, Fossil Free Fuels also provides vegetable oil fuel system components, maintenance, and installation as well as modifications to emission systems in vehicles manufactured after 2007 in order to safely run high-blend biodiesel or straight vegetable oil.

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