Thar Energy Harnesses CO2 to Increase Geothermal Efficiency, Reduce Cost

Thar Energy, LLC has developed the next generation of sustainable geothermal heating and cooling solutions that offer enhanced energy efficiency and a reduced environmental footprint. The company is part of the Thar organization that has been a global leader in green, high pressure (supercritical fluid) process and equipment technologies for the energy, pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries since the early 1990s.

Thar Energy technology differs from other commercial geothermal systems in that it uses an established natural refrigerant, recycled carbon dioxide (also known as R744), and a simpler, more efficient, direct exchange geothermal design.  Additionally, carbon dioxide properties allow for the design of significantly smaller diameter tubing capable of being installed in smaller diameter boreholes.  Reducing borehole diameter is central to reducing upfront installation costs that have historically hampered the adoption of geothermal technology.  The use of recycled carbon dioxide as a refrigerant makes Thar Energy’s system the most sustainable HVAC system available.

Thar has successfully demonstrated this technology at the commercial scale.

Thar Energy Media Contact: 412.963.6500