PittMoss Introduces Their Revolutionary Growing Media to the Public

Planting a flower. Photo credit: GraphicStock

The unique properties of PittMoss encourage plants to thrive with less water, all the while better absorbing nutrients. The patented engineered fibers, used to produce PittMoss products, make use of recycled materials and create a perfect environment for plant growth. The physical structure allows for more air, more water, and more nutrients to be absorbed to your plants, encouraging higher yields and strong performance under stressful conditions. PittMoss is a great addition to gardens, containers, pots and flower beds.

“It is incredible to see PittMoss reach a point where we can offer our products to commercial growers and home gardeners alike. I am so proud to see a product that I originally blended in a food processor now being manufactured at scale in our facilities” Mont Handley, Founder and Inventor of PittMoss

PittMoss is free of peat moss, which has been typically used in many potting soils since the 1960’s. Peat Moss is widely used in many gardening mixes, organic and otherwise, despite its questionable environmental impacts and mediocre benefits to plants. PittMoss now offers commercial growers and home gardeners a sustainable alternative, made from recycled materials, that results in bigger, stronger plants.

“We are so excited to offer an entirely new generation of growing media to the public. We believe our new line of products will be transformational to the horticulture industry and better for the environment” said CEO and PittMoss President, Brian Scott.

PittMoss products are available for sale on their website, with free shipping nationwide. The company is actively growing its retail presence, particularly in local home and garden centers on the East Coast. Currently they offer two products available for sale, PittMoss Prime and PittMoss Performance. PittMoss Prime is a soil amendment and works great when blended with compost, potting soil and mixes. PittMoss Performance contains a proprietary CRF (Controlled Release Fertilizer) that is ready-to-use for seed germination and potting or gardening mixes.