Conservation Labs’ Smart Water Meter and App H2know Winner of Consumer Electronics Show Innovation Award

Easy-to-install Meter Identifies Specific Location of Leaks and Provides Real-time Alerts to Homeowners

Pittsburgh startup Conservation Labs has won the2018 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Innovation Award for its smart water meter and app H2know, which estimates homeowner’s water usage, provides real-time alerts when leaks are detected and identifies the source of leaks.

The device can also provide custom water conservation recommendations, estimate water flow down to the second, and categorize water use by each appliance in the owner’s home.

Conservation Labs estimates that H2know will save consumers about $250 a year in water-related expenses. The smart water meter, which is easy to install and access through an app, will cost about $100. The device fits over a home’s main water line, and can be installed in about 10 minutes to start creating value on day one.

“Conservation Labs was founded not only to save consumers money but also to give them peace of mind,” said Mark Kovscek, founder and CEO. “Many consumers don’t realize the money they are losing that is literally going down the drain and that as many as 1 in 50 homes will have significant plumbing problems this year.”

Kovscek, who holds a degree in applied mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University, states that the inspiration for H2know began when his family’s water bill suddenly spiked due to a leak in the heating system. An Indiegogo campaign to bring H2know to market will launch in 2018.

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