Interphase Materials and HiberSense: Pittsburgh-Based Startups Take Green Building to the Next Level

Photo credit: VisitPittsburgh

Two Pittsburgh-based startups are revolutionizing how we think of green building.

Interphase Materials wants to make buildings last longer with anti-corrosion coatings, all made with environmentally-friendly materials. Their products prevent mold and mildew from growing on paints and stains used for wood and inside of homes. They also inhibit algae and bacterial growth responsible for microbiologically induced corrosion of pipeline and condensers. And keep infrastructure from failing by inhibiting corrosion.


Interphase Materials’ anti-corrosion technology, courtesy of Interphase Materials


An example of the commercial standard in anti-corrosion, courtesy of Interphase Materials

But because their paints and stains are environmentally safe, the new technology does not harm humans who come into contact them or pollute the water system like other similar anti-corrosion products. Additionally, Interphase Materials are adaptive; proprietary chemicals and materials can be directly integrated into existing product lines, incorporated into top coat layers, or directly modify metals via surface treatment. They can meet the needs of various organizations and uses.

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HiberSense is finding new ways to increase energy efficiency when heating and cooling homes. Their innovation is in their use of smart technology that learns and anticipates people’s desired room temperatures at different times of day. This technology expands upon remote monitoring of heating and cooling through motion sensors. HiberSense technologies aim to reduce household energy bills by 25-30 percent.

The HiberSense team is already testing out their products through the City of Pittsburgh’s Pgh Lab—a program to reduce the city’s expenses through innovation. They are testing it on the 10th floor of the John P. Robbin Civic Building in Downtown Pittsburgh, working to give workers a comfortable environment even in the face of Pittsburgh’s rapidly changing weather.

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