Dr. Lalit Chordia

Dr. Lalit Chordia, courtesy of Thar Energy

For over thirty years Dr. Lalit Chordia has pioneered the research, development, manufacturing, and commercialization of supercritical fluid technology. Dr. Chordia is the founder and CEO of Thar Energy LLC.

Dr. Chordia speaks with Pittsburgh city leaders, courtesy of Thar Energy

Supercritical fluid is an environmentally friendly materials processing technology that uses temperature, pressure, and C0to safely extract specific materials from products. Supercritical fluid C02 has net-zero global warming potential and zero ozone depletion potential and is used in the food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, chemical, and energy industries.

Dr. Chordia gives a tour of his equipment, courtesy of Thar Energy

Under Thar Energy, Dr. Chordia is developing a new power generation cycle that replaces water in a traditional power cycle with C02, increasing efficiency and making it more compact. Additionally, Thar Energy is developing equipment that converts any type of water—sewage water, sea water, or water from fracking—into potable water in a single-step process. He has also established the largest zero-pollution, all-organic algae processing facility in the United States, just outside of Pittsburgh in RIDC Park.

Dr. Chordia feels that the city must be more inclusive in its leadership positions to attract the right talent to keep Pittsburgh on the cutting edge. According to Dr. Chordia, “technology is going to help us lead the way and technology requires talent.” Pittsburgh needs the best and brightest worldwide.

Thar Energy’s equipment, courtesy of Thar Energy

His priorities for Pittsburgh’s future include strengthening educational opportunities in science and technology, increasing building’s energy efficiency through education, and for Pittsburgh to continue to be a green innovator. Dr. Chordia hopes to play a prominent role in Pittsburgh’s green future by solving the current water crisis. He says that if he can accomplish that, “it will be most satisfying.”

Dr. Lalit Chordia
President and CEO, Thar Process Inc. and Thar Energy LLC
(412) 968-0200