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Land Art Generator Initiative: Discovering the Beauty of Our Clean Energy Future

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Before change can occur, it must be imagined. And before new technology can be deployed at scale it must be desired by the public.

To help unlock that desire and defeat climate despair, the Pittsburgh-based Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) is demonstrating how renewable energy can be beautiful through design competitions and by designing climate solutions with communities. Along the way we’re engaging the imagination of the next generation through STEAM education programs.

LAGI is recognized as a world leader in the creative application of renewable energy and other sustainable infrastructures, designed to be works of art, placemaking tools, cultural destinations, instruments of social justice, and educational venues.

Open design competitions for Dubai/Abu Dhabi (2010), New York City (2012), Copenhagen (2014), Santa Monica (2016), Melbourne (2018), Abu Dhabi (2019), and Fly Ranch (2020) have brought in over 1,500 designs for functional clean power plants as public art. Our latest challenge for the City of Mannheim has just closed and we’ll be announcing results early next year at BUGA 23, the German Federal horticulture show.

LAGI has sparked the imagination of creatives, engineers, urban planners, cities, and nations to re-imagine what our energy landscapes can be.

Hear about the innovative design ideas that have emerged from a decade of LAGI projects and join us in imagining the greatness of our clean energy future.

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