‘No Crayon Left Behind’ Salvages Restaurant Crayons Before Discard Enriching the Lives of Children in Need

Photo courtesy of No Crayon Left Behind

One Pittsburgh nonprofit is working to enrich the lives of children in need while preventing unnecessary waste from entering our landfills.

Many restaurants across the United States hand out crayons to children; most of these crayons are left behind after the meal is finished, and are tossed in the trash when tables are cleared. No Crayon Left Behind collects these gently used, or often totally untouched, crayons and donates them to organizations and institutions that serve under-privileged kids, including community centers and schools serving both children and adults in economically challenged areas around the world.

Since its founding, the organization has “rescued” millions of crayons from landfills and shipped them to more than 20 countries overseas, and across the U.S., thanks to a growing roster of restaurants willing to add a few minutes to their routine to set aside crayons gathered from tables.  A growing number of crayons are also donated by schools, businesses and individuals.

“When you give a kid a crayon, you give them access to the most empowering tools of all: their own imagination, creativity and self-expression,” says No Crayon Left Behind Founder Emily Skopov. “By preventing these crayons from ending up in landfills, we better the lives of children, as well as the earth they will inherit.”


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