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Melissa Bilec, William Kepler Whiteford Professor and co-director, Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation
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New Collaboration between University of Pittsburgh and Covestro LLC establishes groundbreaking Circular Economy Program to address global waste

 A new collaboration between the University of Pittsburgh and Covestro LLC takes aim at decreasing global waste and its impact on the environment and climate. The Covestro Circular Economy Program will enable students at the University of Pittsburgh to become experts in circular economy principles, informed by Covestro’s successes in this area, and ultimately create circular, sustainable products and service solutions.

The Covestro Circular Economy Program represents the first graduate-level circular design academic program in the U.S. to specifically address the challenge of global waste and material use. The program aims to create opportunities for the research, education, and innovative advancement of circular economy principles that begin with academia and fuel real-world solutions designed to save the planet.

By establishing the program, Covestro and the University of Pittsburgh are providing a dedicated academic setting for passionate students and professionals to innovate new approaches to materials, design, and planning.

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