3R announces sponsorship of Pittsburgh’s 2030 district


3R Sustainability is thrilled to announce its new, official sponsorship of Pittsburgh’s 2030 District, in which 3R is proud to work and live. All 2030 District Sponsors are invited to attend monthly meetings that bring together like-minded collaborators who focus on sharing best practices to meet a common goal.  While 3R continues to consult and assist project teams in building design, construction, retrofitting and reviews of green buildings, this official sponsorship will now allow for an increase in cross-sector collaboration. 

“As a 2030 District sponsor, GBA member, and local sustainability consultancy, 3R Sustainability is proud to be among and support Pittsburgh’s leading organizations in the largest 2030 District. The District members’ commitment to driving measurable progress toward the 2030 reduction goals will result in a more sustainable, resilient, and prosperous region,” exclaims 3R CEO, Jana Lake.  

Facilitated by the Green Building Alliance, the Pittsburgh 2030 District currently consists of 123 organizations across sectors including healthcare, higher education, and technology. 

Out of the various international 2030 Districts, Pittsburgh accounts for 84.8 million committed square feet, the most committed space in the world1! Since 2012, the 2030 District members have collectively saved $85.4M in energy and water costs and in 2018 alone, 279,000 metric tons of CO2e have been diverted from entering the atmosphere2, equating to a $135 million savings for the 540 properties in the Pittsburgh 2030 District. 

3R is eager to share its wide range of knowledge and expertise with the members of the 2030 District to help building owners and managers achieve their goals.  

About the 2030 District Network
The 2030 District Network is a non-profit organization comprised of the current 22 Established 2030 Districts throughout the world. The vision of the network is, to establish a global network of thriving high performance building districts and cities, uniting communities to catalyze transformation in the built environment and the role it plays in mitigating and adapting to climate change.3 Consisting of building owners and managers who have committed to 50% reductions in energy use, water consumption, and transportation emissions by 2030, the 2030 District is all about sharing best practices and volunteering efforts to create networks to share expertise. In doing so, constructing, renovating, and maintaining, buildings and businesses can be done in a way that would allow for all the 2030 Districts to reach their goals. 

About 3R
A woman-owned business headquartered in a LEED Gold certified office in Pittsburgh’s historic Strip District, 3R Sustainability provides high-performance building consulting to integrate and optimize all material building performance metrics, including energy efficiency, life-cycle performance, and occupant health and productivity. 3R integrates building performance and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) consulting services to build business value and brand equity for its clients. The 3R team is made up of accredited professionals with backgrounds in engineering, business management consulting, and system assessments. 3R Sustainability is a certified B Corporation named Best for its Workers in 2019, JUST Label organization, U.N. Global Compact Signatory, and Best Place to Work in Pennsylvania. For more information visit www.3Rsustainability.com or call 724-741-9900.  

About Green Building Alliance 
Green Building Alliance (GBA) advances innovation in the built environment by empowering people to create environmentally, economically, and socially vibrant places. Founded in 1993, GBA is an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organization — and one of the oldest regional green building organizations in the United States. GBA proudly serves Pittsburgh and the 26 counties of Western Pennsylvania, with stakeholders across the Mid-Atlantic, United States, and the world. 


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