DMI Becomes First Zero Waste to Landfill Manufacturing Facility in PA

DMI Companies’ main facility in Monongahela, PA, has achieved TRUE Silver zero waste to landfill certification. It is the first manufacturing company to do so in PA, and among the first in the country.

In 2018, DMI diverted 94.49% of their waste from incineration/landfill through recycle, reuse and reduction programs and plans to improve that diversion rate by 1% annually. DMI obtained 41 of 45 credits on the TRUE Silver scale, exceeding their goal of 38 credits. The program helps facilities turn waste into savings, cut greenhouse gas emissions, manage risk, reinvest resources and create jobs.

Zero waste to landfill certifications are a relatively new concept in the HVAC Parts and Accessories Manufacturing Industry.

The process of becoming a zero waste facility began at DMI in 2011 and after years of hard work, led by Sustainability & Environmental Compliance Manager Lisa Pavan, made final push for the classification beginning in November of 2018.


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