Former steel mill installs largest single-slope solar array in US

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“The last of the 4,784 silicon solar panels that will power Mill 19 at Pittsburgh’s 178-acre Hazelwood Green site has now been installed, marking the completion of the largest single-sloped solar array in the United States. This record-breaking renewables project runs atop a quarter-mile long structure, with the slope of the roof angled at 20 degrees to capture the majority of the sun’s rays.  This landmark array on the former steel mill site will generate over 2 megawatts of power and produce enough energy to power 264 homes annually.

Conceived on a massive scale and completed by Scalo Solar Solutions, the $5M pitched-roof project covers 133,000 square feet across the frame of Mill 19.  The scheme has been made possible by the Richard King Mellon Foundation (RKMF), with Mill 19 itself the property of Regional Industrial Development Corporation (RIDC). The remaining 168-acre Hazelwood Green site adjacent to Mill 19 is separately owned by Almono LP, a collaboration of three major Pittsburgh foundations, including RKMF.”

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