Innovative Green Stormwater Project Improves Water Infrastructure in Pittsburgh

The Centre and Herron Green Stormwater project in the Upper Hill District transforms a vacant lot into healthy, green infrastructure.

The project will direct the first inch and a half of stormwater runoff from surrounding streets into a 585 foot-long bioswale, instead of entering the sewer.

This month the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Pittsburgh Section awarded The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) with its annual Sustainability Award for the project.

Previously, the corner of Centre and Herron was a vacant lot owned by the city. The PWSA gained access to the lot through the city as part of its ongoing implementation of the Citywide Green First Plan.

PWSA is in the design process for similar stormwater solutions throughout the Pittsburgh region, in Four Mile Run, Negley Run, and multiple projects in Saw Mill Run.


Megan Zeigler, PWSA Sustainability Project Manager, 412.255.8800 (x8580), or

Rebecca Zito, PWSA Communications Project Manager, 412.689.1462, or

Jodi Klebick, ASCE Communication,

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