Mike Gable

Under Mike’s leadership for all 18 years of its existence, Construction Junction is Western Pennsylvania’s first nonprofit organization to collect and sell used and surplus building materials. Nearly two decades later, he continues to lead Construction Junction’s efforts to support and promote conservation through the reuse of building materials and waste reduction in the region.

The company has 30 employees, made more than 53,000 purchases, and receives annual donations from approximately 10,000 homeowners, contractors, developers, and institutions who choose to reuse over a landfill. The company has been a financially self-sustaining organization over the last 10 years with about $2 million in building material sales.

Through his work at Construction Junction, Gable has focused on local communities by partnering with nonprofits and local organizations. The partnership has helped organizations and citizens to achieve their regional material-reuse goals.

Construction Junction is also involved in Project RE. A collaboration with the Trade Institute of Pittsburgh and the Urban Design Build Studio at Carnegie Mellon University, the project connects people recently out of incarceration with the Trade Institute of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University to “Reuse materials. Rebuild communities. Restore lives.”

Gable was awarded Green Building Alliance’s 2016 Luminary Award for his work at Construction Junction and Project RE.