Pittsburgh Planning Commission Approves Design Plan for Renovation of Roundhouse at Hazelwood Green

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PITTSBURGH, February 11, 2020 –   Renovation of the Roundhouse at Hazelwood Green received approval from the City of Pittsburgh Planning Commission today, clearing the way for construction work to begin on the structure.

Designed by Pittsburgh-based GBBN, the project will incorporate original elements such as the turntable and operator cab, crane, fume hood room and track rails. Open exterior space for community use is also being designed to accommodate a variety of programs and events

“Today’s Planning Commission approval of the Roundhouse renovation design allows us to move forward with construction that will ready it for use as a collaborative work and event space,” said Todd Stern, Managing Director of U3 Advisors, Inc., development advisors for Hazelwood Green. “GBBN has envisioned a design that respects and celebrates the building’s industrial heritage while also outfitting and reimagining the space for flexible use going forward.”

Construction is expected to take approximately 12 months for completion.

Originally built by the Monongahela Connecting Railroad circa 1887 and formerly owned by Jones & Laughlin Steel and later LTV Steel Company, the 10-bay Roundhouse and turntable was used to stabilize train engines for servicing and to redirect the materials they carried through the processes of production and on to final distribution. In 2017, GBBN was selected to take on the challenge of designing the renovation of the space, beginning with the stabilization of the structure. Work to date has included replacing portions of the roof; taking down an enclosure that was collapsing onto one end of the structure; clearing abandoned vehicles away from the site; and splicing new steel foundations into the bottom of old columns within the structure.



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