WindStax Revolutionizes the Wind Power Industry with Vertical Turbines

Image Credit: WindStax

Pittsburgh startup WindStax Wind Power Systems designs and manufactures large vertical wind turbines that operate in urban environments and other places where traditional wind turbines cannot be installed.

WindStax turbines on the Rachel Carson Bridge in Pittsburgh, courtesy of WindStax

WindStax has also pioneered linkages to microgrids and batteries to store energy.  Their  ZeroFirst™ technology system allows customers to transition between alternative energy sources, smooth supply and demand cycles, and still have public power as a fallback.

WindStax turbines are non-directional and need little wind to start operating. They can work in wind speeds as low as five miles per hour, and are portable, making them perfect for city use. They are also avian-friendly and silent.

Read more about WindStax’s work in Pittsburgh with the EnergyFlow art display on the Rachel Carson Bridge.

Contact: WindStax Wind Power Systems, 1+412-235-7907