With solutions at every stage of the project life cycle, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. (CEC) helps build a resilient community and workforce

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Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. (CEC) has a long history with some of the nation’s largest energy and mining companies, manufacturers, real estate developers, and managers of waste. We have supported these companies through numerous transitions in how they operate, comply with evolving regulations, and manage their assets. Our ability to bring multiple disciplines to the table at any point in a project’s life cycle positions us to help clients make better-informed decisions that enable them to meet their current and future business objectives. We offer complete site expertise from critical site analyses through construction.

CEC is invested in the continued economic, social, and environmental health of our communities and clients. To support our region’s economic development goals, we’ve helped to convert some of the area’s most blighted, idle industrial sites over the past three and a half decades, working with business and the public sector by facilitating discussions and enabling the progress of projects with the goal of redeveloping and reviving these sites for constructive use. CEC brings a holistic approach to brownfield redevelopment. Our engineers and environmental consultants work together to provide synergistic solutions that optimize reuse of a property through the site design process and the use of practical engineering and institutional controls.

We’re also a major contributor to workforce development. As the largest environmental firm in Pittsburgh, according to the Pittsburgh Business Times, CEC supports the careers of individuals across multiple disciplines to keep up with the demands of industry. We utilize and develop the technical workforce in our region to provide greater diversity in our service offerings and expertise for clients. The diversity of the markets we serve means greater stability and increased potential for growth and professional/technical development of employees.

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