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21st century energy research in Pittsburgh’s Lower Hill

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The Energy Innovation Center provides the University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering with the infrastructure needed to create dynamic, unique, and clean energy programs in facilities unlike any on a U.S. university campus. The EIC also allows Pitt and the Swanson School to develop national and international R&D collaborations with industry, utilities, and government across several energy sectors.

• The Electric Power Technologies Laboratory focuses on advanced electric power conversion products at the medium voltage scale. Such manufactured products center around power electronics and their control and are targeted for distribution systems (naval and electric grids), renewable energy systems and their integration, solid-state transformers, advanced motor drives and electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The lab allows industry to test full-scale prototypes up to 13.8kV at 5 MW through its medium voltage testbed, the centerpiece of the existing laboratories on site.

• The Advanced Magnetics for Power & Energy Development (AMPED) Consortium creates a one-of-a-kind innovation ecosystem between material science and electrical engineering. Here, facilities make use of advancing soft magnetic materials in optimizing their performance for next generation power inductors, transformers, and electric vehicle machines. Laboratory facilities exist to allow various government and industry partners to characterize magnetic components for extracting vital parameters for their designs.

• The High Temperature Corrosion Laboratory (HTC Lab) has dedicated and specialized capabilities for assessing the high-temperature corrosion behavior of alloys and coatings. This testing serves industries from aerospace and power generation to metal processing and transportation to aid in materials selections and evaluations or to generate essential design or life-prediction data.

• The Next Generation Energy Conversion and Storage Technologies Laboratory focuses on energy conversion and storage including high energy and power density rechargeable battery systems, photoelectrochemical systems for harnessing solar energy for water splitting, and high power density charge storage systems.

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