STEM For All: Climate Playground on Display at White House Frontiers Conference

CUSP's Climate Playground

The Climate and Urban Systems Partnership (CUSP) believes that STEM should be accessible to everyone. A partnership between four cities– Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington, DC—CUSP uses its innovative Climate Playground to bring people of all walks of life into the conversation about climate change.


One of CUSP’s interactive displays to engage Pittsburghers in finding solutions to their neighborhoods environmental problems, courtesy of CUSP Pittsburgh

Exhibited at the White House Frontiers Conference on October 13, 2016 in Pittsburgh, the Climate Playground featured hands-on activities that each focus on a specific topic, “with multiple partners and activities coming together to highlight the connections between climate, systems, and solutions. The CUSP hands-on activities, ranging from storm-water stations to board games, are designed for all ages and focus on the science of solutions.”

Being featured as one of four environmentally-focused exhibits at the Conference shows just how forward-thinking CUSP is in its approach to climate change education. Its programs in Pittsburgh are run by informal science institutions, local green and sustainable practice organizations, and groups with affinity for community life, outdoor recreation, or economic viability. This means that they can have a wide reach to introduce everyone from children to the elderly to climate change.


An activity in the Climate Playground, courtesy of CUSP Pittsburgh

Even more than an introduction, CUSP focuses on bringing people into the conversation to share ideas and solutions to climate change. CUSP knows that working together can present new solutions and make more people players in ending climate change. It is through this innovative approach using table-top activity kits and interactive workshops at community meetings and festivals that CUSP’s work was presented at the Frontiers Conference. Forward-thinking, they are working towards getting everyone involved in the climate change conversation.

CUSP Pittsburgh is housed out of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

Contact: Laurie Giarratani, Director of Education at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History


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