Benchmarks: Recreational Opportunities

All ages enjoy bike riding along the North Shore Riverwalk, a part of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail.

The findings of the Pittsburgh Regional Environment Survey offer a glimpse of how Pittsburgh residents use and view the land and water recreational opportunities.  Whether found in parks and woods or on rivers and streams, the accessibility and quality of outdoor recreational opportunities are indicators of regional quality of life.  More important, outdoor opportunities that encourage physical activity are important to public health. Physical exercise reduces rates of overweight children and adults, obesity and illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease – all of which are issues of concern in the Pittsburgh region.

Public Recreation Rating

Southwestern Pennsylvanians are also protective of their public recreational areas, with more than 70 percent of Pittsburgh MSA residents, opposing drilling for natural gas in state parks, wildlife and nature reserves, and state game lands.

Image Courtesy of Pittsburgh Today


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