EcoInnovation District brings sustainable redevelopment to Uptown, West Oakland

By combining all elements of the national EcoDistrict’s bottom-up model of planning and development with Innovation Districts’ focus on job growth and economic opportunity, Pittsburgh’s Uptown EcoInnovation District is the first of its kind around the country.

The initiative aims to create a new model for urban growth based around inclusivity, innovation, and environmental sustainability.

Uptown and West Oakland are positioned in the heart of the city, between Pittsburgh’s two largest “city centers” – Downtown and Oakland. The EcoInnovation’s original plan was signed into law by Mayor Bill Peduto in 2017 after two years of planning meetings with the public and stakeholders.

The full plan can be found on the EcoInnovation District’s website.


Joseph Wingenfeld, Program Manager at Uptown Partners of Pittsburgh at

Andrea Boykowycz, Program Analyst and Operations Manager at Oakland Planning and Development Corporation at 412.621.7863 ext. 17 or

Gigi Saladna, Chief Communications Officer at Urban Redevelopment Authority, 412.255.6434 or

Angelica Ciranni, 2030 Districts Director at Green Building Alliance, 412.773.6013 or

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