Land Trust Preserves Local Rural Character with 70 Acres

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Sewickley, PA – Allegheny Land Trust (ALT) has protected 70 more acres further contributing to a growing greenway across five Northwest Allegheny County municipalities.

Comprised of two parcels, the new acquisitions connect existing green space, protect scenic landscapes and water quality and provide outdoor recreational opportunities.

“Quintessential views of our region and great water quality are found in this area, and we’re very proud to be expanding protection of such precious assets,” said VP of Land Protection & Capital Projects Roy Kraynyk. “This green space both serves the environment and protects it for generations to come.”

With the addition of these parcels, ALT has protected more than 600 acres in several municipalities in these communities since 2001. The newly-protected acres are a small part of a larger whole that ALT has worked on to create connections between ALT conservation areas and other protected municipal parks, thus preserving quality of life for all in the areas surrounding Big and Little Sewickley Creek watersheds. The surrounding community has continually risen to the occasion with funds and advocacy to support the various land protection projects in the area over the years.

The land conservation nonprofit also has reached an agreement to protect two more parcels in the area, and will be asking for community support to complete those acquisitions in 2018.

Protecting more than 2,200 acres of green space in the Pittsburgh region, ALT now has a conservation area within 12 miles of every Allegheny county resident. These spaces provide natural areas for recreation, environmental education and improvement of our region’s scenic quality, biodiversity, and quality of air and water.

Funds from this project came from a PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) grant and matching funds donated by the surrounding community.

About Allegheny Land Trust

Now, for 25 years, Allegheny Land Trust has helped local people save local land. ALT’s mission is to serve as the lead land trust conserving and stewarding lands that support the scenic, recreational and environmental well-being of communities in Allegheny County and its environs. Since 1993, ALT has protected more than 2,100 acres in 27 municipalities.

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