Pittsburgh to become one of Four UN Centers of Excellence for High Performing Building in the World

Pittsburgh will join three other cities around the world in becoming one of the UN’s Centers of Excellence for High Performance Building.

Green Building Alliance (GBA) and representatives from the City of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Innovation District, PJ Dick, and NK Architects will sign a letter of intnet to bring the UN Center of Excellence to Pittsburgh at the United Nations Economic Commission of Europe (UNECE) in Geneva, Switzerland.

The center will combine the best practices in international design, training, construction, and policy. It will “catalyze economies” by focusing on human health and equitable opportunities in the built environment to create a workforce ready to transition to a sustainable future.

GBA will share updates on the extensive planning and building process as it happens.


Jenna Cramer, GBA Executive Director, at 412.773.6005 or jennac@gbapgh.org

Angelica Ciranni, GBA Vice President of Strategy and Innovation, at 412.773.6013 or angelicac@gbapgh.org

Sean Luther, Pittsburgh Innovation District Executive Director, at sl@pittsburgh.id


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