Plant Five for Life Launches Pilot Program at Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC

PITTSBURGH– April 10, 2018 (BUSINESS WIRE)–Plant Five for Life will pilot its first program planting five native trees as a gift to every child born at Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC this April, Arbor Day month. A total of 5,000 trees will be planted for 1,000 newborns.

The Plant Five for Life community network of partners, including Pittsburgh Botanic Garden and Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, will plant the trees in phases on a former coal mine site being reclaimed on Pittsburgh Botanic Garden grounds. Over time the reforested acres will return to healthy woodlands. The first phase will begin with 1,200 trees to be planted on Earth Day, April 21. The remaining trees will be planted on October 17, 24 and 27.

The gift of five trees at birth gives every child the best start in life by contributing to and growing their life-sustaining environment. Trees support life in five key ways; they provide for cleaner air, cleaner water, comfort and cooling through shade, food in the form of fruit and nuts, and beautiful places for communities to gather. Over time, the reforested site will serve the health and welfare of not only children, but make a positive contribution to many living organisms in Western Pennsylvania,” said Christine Graziano, Founder and Director of Plant Five for Life.

When parents leave UPMC Magee facilities with their newborn, Plant Five for Life’s gift of five trees will be announced in their discharge packets. Parents will be invited to attend a Family Day Celebration in October, giving each family an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the larger site, learn more about the trees, meet other families with children the same age and explore resources in their community.

This pilot program will be followed by another program in Fall 2018. For more information about Plant Five for Life, please visit

About Plant Five for Life

Plant Five for Life, a nonprofit organization in Pittsburgh, PA, is dedicated to connecting children and families with nature and fostering a deeper understanding of the connection between human health and the environment. With a vision to revitalize the tree canopy by planting five trees for every child born, the organization hopes to foster a sense of community by planting trees at sites in need of ecological and social services in or around each child’s neighborhood. Families are encouraged to track the trees growth alongside the growth of their child.

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