Energy and Equity

Rebuilding Pittsburgh’s River Town Communities while Taking Care of People and the Planet

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The Triboro Ecodistrict promotes coordinated sustainable community development throughout the Boroughs of Millvale, Etna and Sharpsburg, three communities located just outside of downtown Pittsburgh. With over 10,000 residents combined, these Allegheny River Towns are building on a strong collaborative history to promote sustainable community development through the shared lenses of: Equity, Food, Water, Energy, Air Quality, and Mobility.

Working in environmental justice communities and using full spectrum approaches, the partner organizations and municipalities have completed Ecodistrict planning at the community scale, and have pursued and implemented the following projects/programs:

  • Commercial and residential solar installations
  • DC microgrid installation
  • Electric vehicle charging station,
  • Community garden off grid solar installations
  • Youth Teen Solar Fellowship
  • Solar Workforce Development Program including NABCEP certification
  • Ongoing partnership engagement and education opportunities including Solar Co-Op and the GET Solar program
  • Municipal best practices adopted in permitting and code processes, and more.

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