PWSA Releases 12-Year Plan for Pittsburgh’s Water Future

Nine Mile Watershed. Photo courtesy of Flickr User Leafy.

Pittsburgh, PA – (November 15, 2018) Today, the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) released a 12-year plan for Pittsburgh’s water future, entitled PGH2O 2030. At the request of Mayor William Peduto, this plan outlines PWSA’s vision for Pittsburgh’s water future, through 2030 and beyond. PWSA welcomed the opportunity to share its vision, goals, and plans to maintain strong financial health and invest in infrastructure projects.

Robert A. Weimar, Executive Director of PWSA, said: “Pittsburgh’s past and future are tied to water. As public servants and residents of Pittsburgh ourselves, our top priority is providing safe, reliable water to every customer – regardless of their income. PWSA has fallen short in the past, but we are committed to excellent customer service and upgrading our drinking water, stormwater, and sewer systems. We are building water infrastructure for the next generation of Pittsburghers.”

Paul Leger, Board Chairman of PWSA, said: “As we invest in infrastructure that is built to last, we’re mindful that PWSA must be a strong financial steward of a critical asset for city residents. The 2030 plan details PWSA’s strategy to pay for needed upgrades in a way that is smart and responsible. With a good credit rating, we can continue to borrow at low interest rates, while we simultaneously improve our cash flow. The future of PWSA is bright.”

Centered around transparency, accountability, and reliable water service, the 2030 plan covers several areas: PWSA’s vision and goals; history of Pittsburgh’s water systems and the path that brought us to today; current financial status; and plans for investing in drinking water, stormwater, and sewer infrastructure. Additional details are also available in documents previously submitted to the Pennsylvania Utility Commission, including PWSA’s Long-term Infrastructure Improvement Plan (LTIIP) and Compliance Plan.

For more information on the 2030 plan, visit the website See the video here. Download the PDF of the plan here.

Image courtesy of Flickr User Leafy.