Center for Responsible Shale Development Recertifies Shell’s and CONSOL Energy’s Appalachian Operations

PITTSBURGH, PA, April 25, 2017 – The Center for Responsible Shale Development (CRSD), an alliance of energy producers and environmental organizations working together to define the most responsible way to deal with the challenges presented when shale resources are developed, announced today that both Shell’s and CONSOL Energy’s Appalachian operations have been recertified to the Center’s 15 Performance Standards focused on responsible stewardship of air and water resources. Both were certified in the spring of 2015 for an initial two year term, and now have demonstrated ongoing conformance with the Performance Standards for a second term.

“We commend both CONSOL Energy and Shell for their dedication to operating responsibly and willingness to advance the conversation on what ‘best practice’ for shale development means,” said Susan LeGros, President and Executive Director of the Center for Responsible Shale Development. “Their recertification is a testament to the value of voluntary performance standards and transparency.”

“As a company with deep local roots that stretch back over 150 years, being a good neighbor is a key component of our corporate culture,” commented Nick DeIuliis, President and CEO of CONSOL Energy Inc. “Shale development under CRSD standards represents an unparalleled opportunity to drive progress in our region for generations to come. CONSOL is firmly committed to responsibly developing these resources, and our recent recertification by CRSD clearly demonstrates that vital commitment.”

“Shell strives to conduct operations in a transparent manner working with groups like the Center for Responsible Shale Development to bring about improvements in the sector,” said Michael De Witt, General Manger for Shell’s operations in the Appalachian basin. “Through collaboration and innovation, Shell has continued to reduce potential impact to the environment.”

The audits were independently conducted by a team of environmental management experts contracted through Bureau Veritas, a global leader in testing, inspection and certification. The verification and evaluation process included documentation and record reviews, field and office personnel interviews, and field inspections of operations through Shell’s and CONSOL’s operations in the Appalachian Basin. The auditor’s report and recommendations are reviewed by a Certification Decision Committee made up of individuals not affiliated with an oil and gas company or an environmental organization, who make the final certification decision.

The Center’s performance standards are developed in collaboration with both industry operators and environmental organizations. All shale producers operating in the Appalachian region are eligible to apply for certification and encouraged to pledge their commitment to operating in a responsible manner. The standards, criteria used by auditors and audit results are publicly available on CRSD’s website by visiting

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About the Center for Responsible Shale Development

The Center for Responsible Shale Development is an alliance of energy producers and environmental organizations working together to develop voluntary performance standards for shale development in the Appalachian Basin. CRSD also manages a third-party certification for operators to demonstrate their commitment to continuously advancing responsible practices and collaborative engagement. For more information and to connect with us, please visit:


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