The Heinz Endowments and City of Pittsburgh Host p4 Conference

P4 Conference Logo
Courtesy of p4 Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA (Thursday, April 19, 2018)- A new p4 Conference on April 25-26 will seek to further advance Pittsburgh’s potential as a global hub of equity, technology and innovation, with keynote speakers focusing on key developments in robotics, artificial intelligence and life sciences and how they may impact community well-being.

The event is expected to attract over 700 participants comprising experts in the fields of technological innovation, community and civic leaders and urban design specialists from across the United States as well as the local southwestern Pennsylvania region. Attendance to the summit is by invitation and the event is at full capacity.

p4 was launched in April 2015, based on a central unifying framework of People, Planet, Place and Performance, to create a new, sustainable, innovative and inclusive model for development designed to establish Pittsburgh as a “city of the future.” A second p4 conference was held in October 2016 with special focus on equity, addressing social and economic barriers that disadvantage individuals based on race, ethnicity, gender and poverty.

Communications Contact

John Ellis, Vice President of Communications, je@heinz.org, 412-338-2657